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Nature Walks


The small island of Malta is mostly known for it's coast and heritage. With beaches like the Blue Lagoon on Comino, Medieval cities like Mdina, and prehistoric temples like Ġg antija, dating back to 3600BC, we're not surprised that that's what makes it into the guidebooks. But don't shy away from the 'nature' side of the island. Malta and Gozo are full of 'off the beaten track' hikes in nature, and with most tourists... Read More
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Hostel Life During and After a Pandemic


Who would have thought that I'd be sitting at the reception desk of my empty hostel writing this, when my normal May mornings would have consisted of chatting to my guests, in a full house, over a morning coffee and a map?    That these are hard times, we know. That the world of travel and hostels in on hold, we know. But this is a pause, nothing else.  I won't take this time to philosophise about whether this virus was needed to... Read More
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Read the SiGns


       Hostel life & communal living is fun, no doubt, particularly when the hostel is small, and it's easy to bond with other travellers who become your house-mates. In the autumn and winter months, especially, when most tourists leave and are replaced by another type of traveller- the one who's trying to find, (or lose) himself for a little longer than a weekend break- some guests call Boho Hostel their home for a while, forming some pretty... Read More
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FEATURE PIECE: The Eleven Hostelite Personas


In his book 'Neither here Nor there', in which he relates his travels around Europe, Bill Bryson writes,   'When I wasn't walking or searching the sky, I sat in the bar of the hotel drinking beer or lay in my bed reading.... I began to feel as if a doctor had told me to go away for a complete rest (some place really boring, where there's nothing to do). Never had I slept so long. Suddenly I had time to do all kinds of things: unlace my boots and redo... Read More
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Travel Big, Stay Small


They say good things come in small packages and this is true for Hostels.  With such a large variety of hostels around, in terms of size, decor and ambiance, choosing the right hostel may be mind-boggling. As a rule of thumb, I tend to go for smaller hostels when I travel, and in turn have opened a small hostel here in Malta also. Other than being easier to manage from a business perspective, smaller hostels tend to have more spirit and character, and are easier to integrate into,... Read More
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