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Nature Walks

27th February 2020

The small island of Malta is mostly known for it's coast and heritage.

With beaches like the Blue Lagoon on Comino, Medieval cities like Mdina, and prehistoric temples like Ġgantija, dating back to 3600BC, we're not surprised that that's what makes it into the guidebooks.

But don't shy away from the 'nature' side of the island.

Malta and Gozo are full of 'off the beaten track' hikes in nature, and with most tourists flocking to the usual cities and beaches, these paths remain virtually undiscovered. All you need is a sense of adventure, time and a good map.

Here are some of Boho Hostel's favourite walks, with links on how to reach them. We visit these places together with our guests, generally in Spring, when the weather is fair, but not too hot.


  • The Victoria Lines

    Built by the British during WW11 to protect the island from invaders, this is a wall (unofficially know as the Great Wall of Malta), that spans 12 kilometres from the north to the south coast. It's not only impressive to see, but also takes you through some of Malta's most beautiful countryside.

    The walk starts or finishes from Madliena Heights (east) near the Madliena Fort and the Victoria Lines Malta goes to Kuncizzjoni (west) near Fomm Ir-Rih Bay- a gorgeous secluded bay where you can swim and be virtually alone. Duration of walk: 6-8 hours to complete it fully, from coats to coast. But you can start at different points.

  • Rabat to Bahrija Walk

    This long and beautiful walk starts in Rabat and takes you through scenic countryside, valleys, and breath-taking coastal cliffs, with views over the small natural reserve islet of Filfla. The walk lasts 5hours and is 13km long

  • Girgenti Walks (Buskett to Siggiewi)

    The Girgenti Country walk is a walk that takes you through green areas and historical sites. The walk , which is 12.5 km long, starts off in the south-west of Malta close to Dingli Cliffs, by the entrance of Buskett and takes 4 to 5 hours to complete. Include more time if you intend to visit Buskett, Malta's woodland, as the route doesn't cut through it.

  • Gozo Saltpans​​

This walk starts and ends in Victoria, Gozo's Capital city, and takes you through breathtaking valleys (like Sara valley and Wied il-Għasri,) as well as ‘Reqqa point’, with its traditional salt pans where salt is still currently produced. Beautiful bays, such as Xwejni Qbajjar, also form part of this amazing walk, which is 12 km and takes approx 5 hoursto complete


  • Ramla Country Walk Gozo.

Ramla Bay is Gozo's nicest beach, with its famous red sand. This walk takes you through the beach, but also through some amazing countryside, valley views and caves. The walk begins and ends in the town of Nadur and takes around 4 hours to cover 10km.