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10th October 2015

As a hostel that reaches out to independent travellers and backpackers (you won't find groups staying at Boho and therefore it's always easy to make friends with other solo travellers), we know the importance of having good events on our Hostel Calendar. Our events are budget-friendly, bring people together and shy away from the usual tourist spots, prefering instead the less visited and more secluded gems dispersed around the islands.  

Summer 2015 was a huge success, with guests from all walks of life enjoying the events Javi (our Spanish Capitano) put together for them with such passion and know-how that one would be surprised to find out he's not local. 

It was four months of Island Hopping, Cliff Jumping, BBQs, Boat Parties, Spear fishing and so much more, which Javi pulled off brilliantly. 

The shift of season, with summer slowly subsiding, will see a change in the events the hostel organises. Beach BBQS will be traded in for nature hikes & picnics, and snorkeling for beer pong in the hostel garden. Events then become subject to weather conditions, number of guests, and general interest; so whilst winter months may not promise four or five events a week, random, spontaneous events simply 'happen' (or are made to happen) at the hostel, whether it's an International dinner in the common areas, or a last minute pub crawl. 

So until next season, here's to a more relaxed (but equally fun-filled) winter. 


Boho Team.