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How to Reach Us

Boho Hostel is located in a residential area in St Julians, just 10 minutes away on foot from the central pjazza-  Balluta Bay, and from  its neighbouring city Sliema, famous for its beaches and shopping.  

If you're travelling with a lot of luggage, or you're travelling late, we can book you a quick and private taxi for €20. Simply email us requesting a taxi, and make sure you include your date, arrival time and flight number. 


If you're coming by public transport, there are 2 options

  •   Airport to Valletta bus, and Valletta to St Julians bus; 2 busses with a 5 minute walk to BOHO.  


Take the X4 from the Airport and stop in the capital city of Valletta. Once there, get on bus number 22 and stop in St Julians at the MAYR bus stop, next to The Oven Pizzeria. From there, there's a short but steep 2 minute hill up to us, but after that, Boho will reward you with a beautiful Villa & Garden, hammocks to while away the day, and amazing guests, travelling mostly by themselves, from all over the world to do fun things with.


  • One direct bus from the Airport to St Julians; with a 15 minute walk to BOHO.


Take the X2 bus from the airport and stop in Balluta Bay, St Julians. From there, its a 15 minute walk to us. 

(Bus cost is €2 in summer, €1.50 in winter. The journet with both busses will be around 1 hour.